Critical Thinking Mind Map

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These mind maps are submitted for class participation credit, but they must be handed in prior to the class meeting date for which the material will be covered.

This is done to ensure that the students, at a minimum, read and acknowledge the key areas within the readings.

These sub-branches of key words or pictures can be linked together resulting in the integration of different parts of the mind map.

Recently, many on-line computer versions of mind mapping have emerged such as i Mind Map (Tony Buzan), Mind Meister (Mind Meister Labs), Visio (Microsoft), and Mind Node (Mind Node Software).

In fact, we believe that our understanding of reality is built upon the foundations of our perceptions. Our perception of reality is actually built upon the foundations of our filtering mechanisms, which tend to interpret how we perceive the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives as a result of the thoughts, beliefs, habitual behaviors and emotions we tend to cultivate on a daily basis.

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Becoming an outstanding critical thinker has more to do with a state-of-mind rather than a specific set of tools, techniques or strategies you have at your disposal.View Mind Map » Assignment 2 For our post-professional doctoral students integrating related topics that must be explored in order to fully address a research question is not so easy.Linking or connecting topics, theories and developing a theoretical framework often hinder students’ progression.During the class period students are able to build out their mind maps with concepts and information acquired during the class presentation (lecture, discussion, small group activities, and laboratory experiences).We have found that by requiring students to generate mind maps on pre-class reading material they are more prepared to engage in class activities.This in turn enables us as instructors to spend more time helping them explore the “hands on” techniques of their craft, as well as critical reasoning and communication skills.Here’s an example of mind map a student created on a chapter associated with clinical decision making regarding patient management.The utility of the mind map as a teaching and learning tool is only limited by our ability as instructors to shape its use to meet the desired learning outcome.Each of us tends to perceive and understand the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives somewhat differently.” Several years ago as I began my scholarly exploration of the utility of mind mapping as a teaching and learning tool to foster critical thinking, my colleague and I instituted a mind mapping learning activity which has helped to promote student engagement in the classroom. Mind mapping is a learning technique which uses a non-linear approach to learning that forces the learner to think and explore concepts using visuospatial relationships flowing from a central theme to peripheral branches which can be inter- related.According to Buzan and Buzan, a mind map should be drawn on blank paper that is larger than standard 8 ½ by 11 inch paper.


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