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Facebook captures examples of inequality and makes them available for endless replay. Instagram immortalizes the faces and consequences of discrimination.

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Singing for the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico. Her book contains reflections from her lengthy and intimate involvement with Indigenous women in rural communities.

Finally, these authors contend that nation-building policies can reduce ethnic politicization and contribute to more inclusive and peaceful societies—ultimately a very admirable goal. Aída Hernández Castillo is a cultural and legal anthropologist, and she openly identifies herself as a feminist and activist.

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Recent political upheavals have reinvigorated a long-running debate about the role of identity in American politics—and especially American elections.

A result is constantly shifting perspectives and attitudes, both on the part of the protagonists as well as the investigators who observe them. is a relatively short co-authored text by political scientist Anke Weber, sociologist Wesley Hiers, and research associate Anaïd Flesken.

We Are the Face of OAXACA: Testimony and Social Movements. Many scholars are no longer willing to celebrate the embrace of ethnic identities in an unquestioning fashion.

These changes have encouraged activists and political challengers to make demands with a high level of specificity—to take the identities that dominant groups have used to oppress them and convert them into tools of democratic justice.

Critics of this phenomenon, including Francis Fukuyama (“Against Identity Politics,” September/October 2018), condemn it as the practice of “identity politics.” But Fukuyama’s criticism relies on a number of misjudgments.

Governing Indigenous Territories: Enacting Sovereignty in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Her book is an expression of that long-term commitment to research in the state.

Following a similar political trajectory as Hernández Castillo, anthropologist Lynn Stephen has spent a quarter century working in Oaxaca, Mexico.


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