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Perhaps you are tired of the grind of investment banking and would rather help a non-profit?In any case, here are four common reasons for making a career change: Right now!

You’ll soon realise that a career change CV is a lot different to a standard one.Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate at all levels.Enjoys part of being in a successful team and thrives in challenging working conditions.” Recruiters are used to reading these types of lines in personal statements, so much so that they’ve become cliché.For some, writing a personal statement might come naturally, especially if you already have your elevator pitch prepared for the ‘tell us about yourself’ question in a job interview.For others, this might not come so naturally, so here is what to include in a personal statement: The general advice for writing a CV also applies to the personal statement – make it specific to the different job roles you apply for.A personal statement shouldn’t be any longer than four to six sentences.Any longer than that and you’ll risk losing the attention of a recruiter, who might only take a few seconds to glance over your CV before deciding to read further.In this article, we provide you with a career change CV template, advice on what to include, and analyse the reasons for a career change.If you need more CV advice, you can check out our CV Templates.Although only a small paragraph at the beginning of your CV, it’s essentially your ‘elevator pitch’ – and an opportunity to sell yourself to the reader, like you might do if you came across somebody who could give you a job in person.You want it to hook a recruiter’s attention, persuade them that your CV is valuable and relevant to the role, and keep them reading.


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