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In many jurisdictions that Cevian operates in, minority shareholders have more formal governance rights than the US.In the Nordics for example, the largest four shareholders sit on the nominations committee that reviews and suggests board members to the AGM.Not all investments reach full size; sometimes external factors change the investment thesis, or the share price appreciates too fast, before Cevian has a chance to build a full position, which can take weeks or months.

The framework is more 'wide than deep', and it is supplemented with five case studies that take deep dives into the real life journeys of enterprises from different industries.

These stories provide a vivid illustration of best practices and challenges.

Cevian views the business as a beneficiary of active safety and autonomous driving trends and supports the spin-off of electronics unit, Veoneer.

Defining Cevian’s style of activism Cevian’s intention when investing is always to be a large, engaged and active owner; Cevian enters into a constructive dialogue with the company management and board, and its own professionals typically join the boards of portfolio companies.

Financials would need to have a stable franchise, as Danske Bank did, rather than being more volatile investment banks.

Cevian’s concentrated portfolio of ten to twelve companies and long holding periods means that it typically makes only two or three new investments each year.

This guarantees a seat on the table and enables a constructive and behind-the-scenes discussion.

“We think that our style works more effectively than proxy battles in Europe,” says Helfer.

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