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Such constitutes as assignment of a debtor’s property in trust to pay his debts generally, in distinction from a transfer of property to a particular creditor in payment of his demand, or to a conveyance by way of collateral security or mortgage.Black’s Law Dictionary Deed of Assignment – Benefit of Creditor KRS 379.020 A Deed of Assignment is an instrument made by a debtor to any person in trust for the benefit of creditors.Notwithstanding the above, in the case of assignment of an application for the registration of an industrial title, a private deed signed before a notary public shall be sufficient and subsequent recording shall not be necessary.発音を聞くThe assignment of the application for registration of a mark, or of its registration, shall be notarized and require the signature of the applicant, registrant or the assignee of record in case of subsequent assignment.

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When the same assets of a debtor are given to a trustee to sell them and pay off debt. Giving a part of the sales in a letter of credit to the manufacturer as a promise to pay for goods.

The transfer required for the assignment of the patent or the rights arising from a patent application shall be effected by means of a deed containing a declaration by the patent holder that he assigns the patent or the rights arising from the patent application to the assignee and a declaration by the assignee that he accepts the assignment.

If a patent application has been accorded a filing date and the required fee has been paid within one month, compliance with other requirements will be checked.

A certified copy has the legal validity of the original document.

The Davison County Register of Deeds can provide certified or uncertified copies of documents recorded in the County since the late 1800’s.

Under Bankruptcy Act of 1898, such assignment was an “act of bankruptcy” if made within four (4) months of bankruptcy.

Black’s Law Dictionary Definition for Voluntary assignment – An assignment made for the benefit of his creditors made by a debtor voluntarily, as distinguished from a compulsory assignment which takes place by operation of law in proceedings in bankruptcy.

There are various situations in which a deed of assignment may be needed, though the most common occurs in the transfer of ownership in regards to property.

An example may be when a developer of a new home signs a deed of assignment to a purchaser, stating that the property will be his/hers on such a given date.


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