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Many feel that this train will threaten the Tibetan culture and ancient way of life.

Many feel that this train will threaten the Tibetan culture and ancient way of life.

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For example, if a student claimed that the Brazilian Samba was a slow graceful dance, it would only take a few moments of research for me to find that it is actually a fast-paced, rhythmic, and lively dance.

So clearly, this claim would not be debatable; there is no argument.

This claim is a perfect example of how 2 different claims can overlap each other.

Claims about solutions or policies usually work hand in hand with claims about fact or definition.

And what constitutes "necessary measures" in the first place smoke causes lung cancer.

A few recent examples of debatable cause-and-effect topics could be about the new train that has been built, traveling from Beijing to Tibet.

However people disagree about many supposed "facts." One debatable claim I always encounter in the classroom is whether or not student grades really measure achievement.

Another claim is whether or not a lie-detector test is really accurate. water-boarding) necessary measures the government should undergo in order to get a suspect to divulge crucial information?

Considerably, the length should not exceed two sentences; otherwise, the writer might fail to organize his or her thoughts in the final document in a much more clear way.

Just like the example of the 50 story pillars play some very specific roles, and so is the tentative thesis.


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