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Although many of these videos have been removed, we can expect a surge in cases this year. “Am I right in thinking it will be plagiarism-free? We guarantee that all the papers we provide are plagiarism-free.” Olivia explains that each essay is filtered through their own plagiarism checker.

Universities, in my experience, are woefully unprepared for this looming epidemic. I then test her ethics by implying that I will use the essay to cheat. If I get caught by the uni, I’d be in serious trouble.” “I understand it”, Olivia responds, perhaps revealing her non-native English.

To understand better the process of buying an essay and to gauge the quality of the work, I decided to put a well-known essay mill to the test. She then recites the refund policy and concludes: “So you don’t have to worry about it”.

Wednesday Once on the company’s website, I am greeted by Olivia on the “pop up” Live Chat. She tells me the essay can be written in as little as three hours. ” Olivia respects Dr A’s confidentiality: “Unfortunately, I’m not able to share such information about our writers.” Professor S is also a real professor, Olivia assures me.

“I am sure you will get a good grade.” Not if I were marking it. If that’s the “Platinum” standard, goodness knows what the “Standard” service is like.

Daniel Sokol is a barrister and lead adviser for Alpha Academic Appeals.

For an extra fee of 15 per cent, I select the “Platinum” service, giving me a writer with at least a master’s degree. I input my title, the word count, the number of references (10) and the format of citation (Harvard style). Of the dozen options, I like the look of a Dr A, who has completed hundreds of essays with high satisfaction rates. Even if no plan is needed, it constitutes evidence of authorship if a student is ever challenged by the university. Let us do it for you with the highest quality possible.” I eagerly await Dr L’s effort, and recall one client who told me that he had bought all eight of the essays that he had submitted for his master’s degree.

Olivia and Dr L have certainly made my first purchase easy. If a student, I would have to trim the essay to avoid a penalty.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she’s reading my seminal paper on the meaning of deception in medicine, instantly doubling my total readership. I then conduct the ethics test: “And, just as important, I can’t be caught by the uni – they take this sort of thing super seriously, I’m told.” “No, it will not be plagiarized and no one will tell the university that I wrote it for you.” An American spelling “plagiarise”. The Americans have published good work on my essay topic. The author is described as “user” and the file was last modified by “BERIDGE”. There are sweeping statements such as “lying is simply wrong and morally unjustifiable” and “patients always want detailed information about their conditions”.

The only downside, if I were a student, is that I would have to change the American spelling into its British variant. Some observations are incorrect, such as the “imperative of Hippocratic Oath, which requires that physicians reduce patient harm by not conveying upsetting conditions (Sullivan, 2001).” The oath says no such thing and the referenced article makes no mention of the Hippocratic Oath.


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