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They have also targeted European elections as decentralised, apathetic affairs.

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It also appears unreasonable that the deliberations of the Parliament must be public whereas the Council remains secretive.

The European Council only meets every six months, largely as confirmation of decisions made elsewhere, but Mc Cormick remarks upon its remarkable potential power: “It can in effect set the agenda for the Commission, override decisions reached by the Council of Ministers and largely ignore Parliament.” Analysts have also criticised the undemocratic nature of the legislation, because interest groups dominate policy-making in the EU excluding more regular channels of democratic governance.

Stephen Booth writes that while this perspective has led to the Parliament’s powers being increased successively over recent decades, the effect of these reforms on democratic engagement among EU citizens has been limited.

He argues that boosting the role of […] The European Union has often been accused of having a ‘democratic deficit’.

Jonathan Bright, Diego Garzia, Joseph Lacey and Alexander Trechsel assess whether ‘transnationalising’ European elections by allowing voters to back parties in other EU countries would help alleviate the problem.

They argue that language barriers may represent a challenge, but suggest that internet-based ‘voting advice applications’ […] Criticism related to the EU’s democratic deficit became more prominent in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

A Democratic Deficit in the EU The question over the legitimacy of the EU has been a nearly continuous debate and many commentators appear to agree that the EU suffers from a severe ‘democratic deficit’.

There are many reasons why this perception is so widespread.

Andrew Moravcsik believes concern about the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’ to be misplaced.

Judged against existing democracies, rather than ideal parliamentary democracy, the EU is legitimate.


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