Demonstrate The Role Of Critical And Creative Thinking In Enhancing Quality Education

The new economy places increasing demands on flexible intellectual skills, and the ability to analyse information and integrate diverse sources of knowledge in solving problems.

Good critical thinking promotes such thinking skills, and is very important in the fast-changing workplace.

Students have a tendency to try to make their lives easier, but that isn’t the way to develop and grow as a person.

You need to learn to think differently and apply what you learn.

Quote of the page All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe.Successful universities in the twenty-first century will be those that educate graduates who contribute to a critical and creative workforce.NC State faculty, therefore, believe that developing students’ critical and creative thinking skills are among the highest priorities of a college education.They describe knowing when it is appropriate to take intellectual risks, being decisive, and learning from failure as essential to critical and creative thinking.And while faculty think the curriculum should ask students to think critically and creatively throughout their studies, they emphasize the importance for freshmen to begin under high expectations for critical and creative thinking.In learning how to analyse the logical structure of texts, critical thinking also improves comprehension abilities. To come up with a creative solution to a problem involves not just having new ideas.It must also be the case that the new ideas being generated are useful and relevant to the task at hand.If you work in education, research, finance, management or the legal profession, then critical thinking is obviously important.But critical thinking skills are not restricted to a particular subject area.Critical thinking is a domain-general thinking skill.The ability to think clearly and rationally is important whatever we choose to do.


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