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Armand goes to the extent of discarding Desiree and getting involved with a white mistress, La Blanche.

Though she is fair – skinned, yet she is of mixed blood from a slave background.

Desiree, puzzled at first, soon realizes with horror that her child has Negro blood.

Armand, whose love for Desiree has been killed by "the unconscious...... Gilligan Kyoung Kim 06/12/06 An Abrupt Ending to The Age of Innocence The last chapter drives home the message that Edith Wharton has here created a love story that is memorable for its emotional restraint, sustained interest, a well-conceived plot and larger-than-life characters.

They represent a lamb as a lovely and innocent creature.

At the same time, these questions raise the theme of Creator and His creation.

Though Armand knows well about the truth of his ancestry, yet he has (“Innocence and disilussion in Desiree's Baby Essay”, n.d.) Innocence and disilussion in Desiree's Baby Essay.

Retrieved from (Innocence and Disilussion in Desiree' S Baby Essay) Innocence and Disilussion in Desiree' S Baby Essay.

The underlying issue that the film revolves around is the issue of freedom......"Desiree Baby" by Kate Chopin In spite of their southern locale, Chopin's stories rarely deal with racial relations between whites and blacks.

One important exception is "Desiree's Baby" (1892).


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