Developing Creative And Critical Thinking Skills (Terjemahan)

Developing Creative And Critical Thinking Skills (Terjemahan)-34
Concept formation is the mental activity that helps us compare, contrast and classify ideas, objects, and events.Concept learning can be concrete or abstract and is closely allied with metacognition.They explore situations and generate alternatives to guide actions and experiment with and assess options and actions when seeking solutions.

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Problem-based learning model (PBL) is a learning model designed on problem solving process that faced scientifically so that students get important knowledge.

Thus expected students are adept at solving problems, have their own learning models and have the skills to participate in the team.

PLC learning emphasizes on teaching and learning activities as well as developing the concepts and skills of the students process with various teaching methods that are in accordance with the study materials being taught.

PLC learning demands an active role for students, because PLC is a scientific process based on logical thinking based on supporting facts.

Students think about thinking (metacognition), reflect on actions and processes, and transfer knowledge into new contexts to create alternatives or open up possibilities.

They apply knowledge gained in one context to clarify another.

Examples of critical thinking skills are interpreting, analysing, evaluating, explaining, sequencing, reasoning, comparing, questioning, inferring, hypothesising, appraising, testing and generalising.

Creative thinking involves students learning to generate and apply new ideas in specific contexts, seeing existing situations in a new way, identifying alternative explanations, and seeing or making new links that generate a positive outcome.

The low ability of students thinking is caused by PLC learning so far only tends to hone aspects of remembering and understanding.

Basically students have critical thinking skills in learning such as questioning skills, hypothesis, classification, observation and interpretation.


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