Developing Dissertation Research Question

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This question, together with your approach, will guide and structure the choice of data to be collected and analysed.

Some research questions focus your attention onto the relationship of particular theories and concepts: 'how does gender relate to career choices of members of different religions?

' Some research questions aim to open an area to let possible new theories emerge: 'what is going on here?

' is the most basic research question in exploratory research.

If you feel you don't know much about the topic, think again.

Developing Dissertation Research Question Words To Use When Ending An Essay

For example, if you're assigned a research topic on an issue confronting the ancient Babylonian family, remember, by virtue of your own family life, you already know a great deal about family issues.

For an undergraduate dissertation, your question needs to be more targeted than either of these. Good research questions are formed and worked on, and are rarely simply found.

You start with what interests you, and you refine it until it is workable.

On the other hand, a focused question such as "What are the pros and cons of Japanese management style?

" is easier to research and can be covered more fully and in more depth. Choose an appropriate topic or issue for your research, one that actually can be researched (Exercise 1).


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