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Early in life, children identify themselves as a “girl” or a “boy,” and this basic self-categorization lays a foundation for their developing beliefs about with whom, what, how, and where they will play.Children play an active role in their own and their peers’ “gender socialization” (the process by which they come to acquire the knowledge, values ...Additionally, most of the research on grief and bereavement assumes positive affect for the deceased by survivors.

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It is well documented that approximately 25–33% of children experience abuse, many of those at the hands of a primary caretaker.

Within the literature on child maltreatment, there exists a paucity of research about the long-term effects of early maltreatment on adult attachments with the previous abuser, including the experiences of adults who experience the death of their previous caretakers.

These experiences included culture shock in one's own county and only relative notions of home.

“Third culture kids” are individuals who have spent ...

This paper explores the possible problems that the usage of social media can have on the physical, social emotional, and cognitive development of adolescents.

Adolescence is such a crucial and vulnerable stage in development, where teenagers begin to form their own identity and create meaningful relationships, but social media can have a profound effect on areas of their development.Parenting styles create different social environments in the lives of children within the home.Many studies have investigated the effects of parenting style on children's emotional development and behavior (Liem, Cavell, & Lustig, 2010; Pezzella, 2010; Schaffer, Clark, & Jeglic, 2009; Steward & Bond, 2002; Timpano, Keough, Mahaffey, Schmidt, & Abramowitz, 2010) as well as differences in parenting across cultures (Keels, 2009; Paulussen-Hoogeboom, Stams, Hermanns, Peetsma, &Wittenboer, 2008).A third to half of those individuals will meet criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during their lifetime.Individuals that do not develop PTSD likely have better coping skills regarding trauma.Targeting specific coping strategies that reduce PTSD symptoms helps mental health professionals and providers create interventions and prevention skills.Method: Eighty-four participants from a university took an online survey. Questionnaires were given to determine if the participant had experienced one or more traumatic events.Limited research has been conducted on parenting style and religion, however, and especially in Muslim families, and among Muslim American families in particular.There is also a lack of research that focuses on the effects of all four parenting styles (i.e.Consistency in parenting was also not associated with emotional and behavioral difficulty scores. This cross-cultural analysis examines the gendered patterns of play seen in children worldwide.Play is a culturally universal activity through which children explore themselves and their environment, test out and practice different social roles, and learn to interact with other children and adults.


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