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Typically, the web runs down into the pulper when not reeling.REEL SPOOL: A metal roll onto which the web is wound during reeling operations.The HMI contains a Graphic User Interface (GUI) composed of multiple screens. A roll of paper tightly wrapped around a reel spool.

Paper, first invented in China around the 1st or 2nd century A.

D., is now so ubiquitous that it has achieved near-invisibility in our modern world.

REEL: A machine that reels (winds, wraps) paper onto reel spools to create parent rolls which are used later in the manufacturing process.

A reel is typically used in high speed conditions, for instance where the paper comes from a paper machine or coater.

SKEW: "Skew" in the reeling process refers to uneven loading or position of one side of the reel versus the other side.

SLAB: Waste paper which is torn from the roll, for instance after a web break or during threading.

PERIPHERAL FORCE: Another term for torque or circular force. One of the three parameters controlling roll structure.

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller; a processor which can be programmed to read the status of sensors and to energize actuators to obtain a desired control action.

As to its structure, a parent roll built on a reel spool can be divided into four concentric sections as per the graphic.

The innermost two layer sections are the most important ones for the final result.


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