Disadvantages Of Learning A Foreign Language Essay

Disadvantages Of Learning A Foreign Language Essay-77
People who know foreign languages can appreciate their independence when they travel, and not have to play charades when asking where the train station or restroom is. Kyra Sheahan has been a writer for various publications since 2008. After reading a lot about the role of movies in language learning, I decided to experiment and see whether I could actually learn a language by watching films.

Most of us are huge fans of Hollywood films, but have you ever been intrigued to check out what world cinema has to offer?

I am a huge foreign movie buff and every time I watch a Korean film, I get this urge to learn Korean right away.

As such, knowing a foreign language is another credential that you can add to your resume.

When you do not possess this special skill set, employers could pass over your resume for that of someone who does.

And the internet is filled with tons and tons of resources that talk about cinema as a medium of language learning.

And while a few advocated movie based learning, there are many out there who don’t believe in it.Not knowing a foreign language might put you at a professional disadvantage.The business world is highly competitive, and many people actively look for ways to put themselves ahead in the job market.This is not to say that a cognitive deficit is the result of not learning a foreign language.However, those who do not put cognitive skills to use may not develop the same skill set when it comes to such things as memorization.Learning a foreign language is one of those ways to get ahead, as employers often require or prefer to hire individuals who can speak another language, such as Spanish.Additionally, employers will pay employees more money when they are bilingual, as this trait is considered a specialization.The act of learning a language stimulates basic cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving and memorization, as well as creativity and analytical skills.Young students or adults who are not exposed to foreign language lessons do not share the same cognitive development experience as individuals who are exposed.By not having a foreign language behind you, you limit your clients, and, therefore, you limit your own potential.If you enjoy traveling to foreign countries, but do not know how to speak the language, you may feel isolated and lost during your trip.


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