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He is very lucky to be your student this year.” “It is always a pleasure to drop our daughter off and pick her up.She is always excited to go to “school” and is always engaged in circle when we arrive.We have formed a true partnership with the teachers to ensure the best learning experience for our kids that allow them to shine as individuals.” “I was expecting a very difficult separation;…

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We proudly feature Happy Talkers, a program developed to maximize each child’s success in the classroom, and beyond.

Families have access to a wide range of educational, developmental and enrichment services, including speech, occupational and behavioral therapy services. Our goal is to develop superior educational opportunities for a lifelong love of learning!

Janet, in her role SOI Receives Special Recognition from Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame The School of Imagination was recently honored by the Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame for its efforts serving youth, women and families.

SOI, along with three additional community organizations, received a portion of the proceeds from the 24th annual Alameda County Women’s Hall School of Imagination Announces New ESDM-Based Training Program to Help Parents Integrate Early Intervention Learning Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder The School of Imagination – the region’s only inclusion preschool based on the Early State Denver Model (ESDM), a Time Magazine Top 10 Medical Breakthrough for the treatment of autism – is pleased School of Imagination, Stephen Vogt Honored at ‘Threads of Hope’ Each December, Diablo Magazine’s annual “Threads of Hope” Awards recognize an amazing group of volunteers who go above and beyond to make the East Bay a better place.

You and your staff seem to truly care about each child and their individual improvements/achievements. ” “It is so emotional and difficult as a parent to feel as though you are meeting the needs of your children when they are so small and can’t clearly communicate.

The atmosphere is always upbeat, positive and professional. Bringing them to Happy Talkers and to the School of Imagination provided such relief because I knew these were the best people I would be able to find to help my girls. Bless you for all that you do and know that our children are thriving and the experience they have had with you will benefit them for the rest of their lives and allow them to shine.” A great big thank you to Oakland Athletics star, Chad Pinder!SOI received the honor, as voted on by readers, for the Happy Talkers program in the category of Thank You, Janet and Steve Lockhart Late last month, it was with a great amount of emotion that we at the School of Imagination shared that our two founding Board Members, Janet and Steve Lockhart, are officially retiring.Since 2004, the Lockharts have topped a long list of our incredible supporters.It is difficult to express just how much your wonderful program has meant to our family! Chad dedicates time every homestand to host our families at games, visit SOI, and help create wonderful memories for children and families.We’re forever grateful for all you do to help bring out the extraordinary in every child!He has learned so much and we look forward to seeing how much she grows in the New Year.” “We were desperately searching for a toddler program for our son that would address his speech and language delays as well as his overall developmental delays while teaching him to participate in a group setting with other children and begin to learn to do the many things that would be required of him in a school for typically developing children.In the approximately 8 months that our child has been attending, we have seen tremendous growth in his total development.At School of Imagination, we give every child of every age and ability individual attention and instruction, thanks to our small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios.Our one-of-a kind Preschool Programs prepare children for a successful transition into their elementary school years.Everyone here makes it so much easier for Kristy and I to concentrate on our work.We know that when we drop him off he will receive the same unconditional love that he receives at home.” “We are writing to express our gratitude for the time and attention you’ve afforded our son this year.


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