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Suggested initial topic reading: The impact of multi-agency working on safeguarding children.

A literature and practice-based review This dissertation examines factors such as an increased understanding of professional roles, communication, coherent service and tension reduction, and how these impact on professionals in multi-agency working practice.

Suggested initial topic reading: End of life decisions: The role of the social worker The population of the United Kingdom is an ageing one.

Movements for euthanasia have strengthened public awareness of end of life decisions and social workers can sometimes be at the centre of service users’ wish to cease living.

Suggested initial topic reading: An exploration of attitudes and perceptions of oppression apparent between healthcare practitioners and the Polish community Polish nationals can be viewed as exploited and Chen, Vanek and Carr (2004) suggest that migrant workers do not always have appropriate access to emergency health care.

This, when combined with a lack of recognition for countless migrant workers, can further hamper the ability of Polish people to adequately access health care provision within the UK.It does so by illustrating challenges and benefits through both literature and the conducting of primary research through interviews with existing practitioners.Through this multi-method research approach this study examines the outcomes for children when different professionals from different agencies work with them and highlights how distinct knowledge, skills and values of social work is compatible within a multi-agency working approach.Building upon the Social Oppression matrix of Hardiman and Jackson (1997) this dissertation evaluates how oppression can manifest itself within health care within the UK with reference to a particular ethnic community.Suggested initial topic reading: Coping with inherent cultural perspectives: A transition to social work It is important for the future of social work that social workers come from a variety of backgrounds as indeed service users come from a wide variety of backgrounds.Suggested initial topic reading: Lessons from Cleveland: The effect of the media The Cleveland child abuse case was a scandal in many different ways.First, the number of children taken into care was substantial, at 121 children.An analysis of the lessons that can be learnt from the ‘Baby P’ case with regard to both field work and social work management ‘Baby P’ died at the age of seventeen months, having suffered more than 50 injuries in less than a year.The ramifications of the failure of health services and social workers to protect ‘Baby P’ from his murderers have resonated through British society.Finally, it draws up recommendations for the means by which social workers can clarify their roles, and provides links to the support available for those in such situations.Suggested initial topic reading: Evidence-based practice: A model for lifelong learning Within undergraduate and postgraduate social work degrees the importance of promulgating evidence-based practice is accepted and well grounded.


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