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Before starting the dissertation you must know about the format and criteria of the dissertation, it requires research proposal formation, data collection, analysis, and other technical skills.

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Title page (including your name, degree scheme, year of study, title of dissertation) A signed statement – that the dissertation is your own work Acknowledgements Abstract – one third problem, one third aims and methodology, one third findings (not more than 300 words) Contents Chapter 1. Reviews the different methodological possibilities and explains what has been done and why. Do the findings corroborate or refute the body of theory?

Introduction Introduces the topic, the subject, the research (aims and methodology) and the dissertation (structure). Literature Review Review of the Literature (on the topic). Identifies what we know and the gaps in the knowledge. Deals with primary and secondary data collection AND methods of analysis.

After approval of your chosen topic and proposal, you will have to work on the Dissertation that will be your final project although you will need to write some drafts as well.

Here are the sections and its sequence; Above are the starting pages of any dissertation, these are like the introduction pages of any book but the main part is still ahead which is the actual work and it has importance.

(Smith, 1998) ]Above is the short example of literature review this just gives the idea how it is, in the thesis the mostly paragraphs are more than 150-200 words each with the proper in-text citation in the required style, APA, Harvard or as per requirement.

We have discussed all the format of the thesis, it was the general that what sequence a dissertation has and what is added in each section now we will discuss the other important things which must be considered in the dissertation; After making all the things perfect you will need to get the print out of final paper so that you can submit it to your course instructor or you can submit it to the publication press or committee, it is important to get the print on nice and quality pages where the font should be neat and clear the document should be presentable.

But writing the Dissertation is not that easy and simple like Essay or letter, this is really something different in every perspective, in terms of objective, format, writing style and much more things are totally change.

Till now you may have done many assignments in the different subjects but Dissertation is something new and change it is not a normal assignment or a final project but it is the whole subject itself and carry the equal or more credit hours than a core subject.

Your academic department specifies the instructions and the word limit.

The structure of the dissertation should contain basic elements like the title page, abstract, introduction, methodology and literature review.


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