Dissertation Word Count Include References

The word count for dissertations does not include the bibliography, cover sheet, abstract (if required) or appendices; the word count includes: in-text references, tables of contents, quotations, footnotes, list of figures, captions and all other elements of your submitted dissertation.

Word Count Dissertation Formatting Because the dissertations are marked anonymously, it is essential that you ensure that your name does not appear anywhere in the dissertation.

Specific expertise may not always be available for all dissertation topics; but general expertise in the broad area of the dissertation is usually adequate for a Masters dissertation.

Students and supervisors are expected to agree a timetable in writing; this will specify at what points student and supervisor will be in contact.

The dissertation may vary in the breadth of coverage, but it must have a clear focus with definable objectives and boundaries, achievable in the time and word limit available.

The relative importance of theoretical and investigational content also varies.There should be a minimum of 3 supervision meetings held during the dissertation period.A short written proposal or concept note should be prepared in advance of your first meeting with your supervisor, indicating the aims and justification of the dissertation, specific research questions, literature and investigative work to be covered and a provisional outline of chapter titles and sub-headings.You should check the Learn site to confirm your deadline and any guidance specific to your programme.You should submit the dissertation to the relevant drop box in Learn.There should also be a written plan or timetable indicating how the work is going to be undertaken and identifying critical points when the supervisor and student should meet or otherwise be in contact with each other.Students have responsibilities to meet their supervisors regularly and to hand in material at agreed times.Masters students are not expected to research their work as exhaustively as is typical of a higher research degree.Students, supervisors and examiners should be aware that the masters dissertation is primarily a teaching, learning and examining medium, not a medium for the presentation of research outcomes to public and peers.Candidates should write as concisely as is possible, with clear and adequate exposition.Each Degree Committee has prescribed the limits of length and stylistic requirements as given below.


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