Dissertations About Parent Involvement

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This cooperative attitude allows for better, open communication and a team attitude to develop amongst the school community.When children see parents, teachers, and administrators working together, they feel more positive pressure to do well.

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Data sources utilized for this research study include: (a) semi-structured interviews with a Head Start program administrator, preschool teachers and home visitors, and a small subset of parents; (b) surveys given to all parents and families in the part-time preschool program; (c) researcher field notes and observations, and (d) artifacts collected that represent parent-school interaction.

Content analysis procedures were used to analyze the data, collect and identify patterns and trends from both the survey and interview data, and to determine to what extent (if any) the parent involvement practices at Early Beginnings Head Start contribute to the development of early language and literacy skills in preschool children.

Children typically mirror their parents’ beliefs and actions. Many schools understand the importance of parental involvement, but struggle to find the time, resources, and activities to involve parents.

Therefore, if a parent does not see the value in education, does not know what is being taught, and does not respect the school, administrators, or teachers, the child is likely to mirror those behaviors and attitudes. Oftentimes, urban areas contain families that have unique obstacles that prevent such involvement.

This research study revealed that the Early Beginnings program utilizes several different methods of involving and educating parents including the use of workshops, home visits, conferences, and newsletters.

Dissertations About Parent Involvement

The data demonstrated that workshops were the most valuable method of parent involvement used by the program to educate parents regarding early language and literacy skills.The purpose of this problem of practice was to improve Hispanic parental involvement in a rural elementary school.As a basis for improvement, Joyce Epstein's six types of involvement were utilized throughout the study.There was also gains in the benchmark scores over the course of the study.However, more training is needed in order to improve with Volunteering and Collaborating with the Community.Understanding the obstacles that parents face when becoming involved was a starting point for the research.Understanding how the school utilized particular strategies to form solid relationships with families was vital to the study.The researcher recommended the school write a grant to provide training for staff and parents, transportation for the parents and an extra translator to be hired at the school.Implementing these changes will allow this rural elementary school to continue to improve Hispanic parental involvement.The researcher related the research to Epstein (2009) six types of parental involvement: parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaborating with the community.The researcher found that there was some improvement in the types of parental involvement primarily Learning at Home and Communicating.


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