Dna Rna And Protein Synthesis Essay

They normally contain some unusual bases in addition to the usual 4, which are formed by methylation of the usual bases.

Ribosomes are composed of a large subunit called the 50S and a small subunit called the 30S, each of which is made up of its own specific r RNA molecules.

Different r RNAs present in the ribosomes include small r RNAs and large r RNAs, which belong to the small and large subunits of the ribosome, respectively.

si RNA (20-25 nt) are often produced by breakdown of viral RNA, though there are also endogenous sources of si RNAs. An m RNA may contain regulatory elements itself, such as riboswitches, in the 5' untranslated region or 3' untranslated region; these cis-regulatory elements regulate the activity of that m RNA. tm RNA tag the proteins encoded by m RNAs that lack stop codons for degradation, and prevents the ribosome from stalling due to the missing stop codon.

RNAs are now known to adopt complex tertiary structures and act as biological catalysts.

Such RNA enzymes are known as ribozymes, and they exhibit many of the features of a classical enzyme, such as an active site, a binding site for a substrate and a binding site for a cofactor, such as a metal ion.

One of the first ribozymes to be discovered was RNase P, a ribonuclease that is involved in generating t RNA molecules from larger, precursor RNAs. Sc) degree in Biochemistry from the University of Calicut, India.They interact with t RNAs and other molecules that are crucial to protein synthesis.In bacteria, the small and large r RNAs contain about 15 nucleotides, respectively, whereas in humans, they have about 18 nucleotides, respectively.In both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, there are three main types of RNA – messenger RNA (m RNA), ribosomal RNA (r RNA), and transfer RNA (t RNA). m RNA accounts for just 5% of the total RNA in the cell.m RNA is the most heterogeneous of the 3 types of RNA in terms of both base sequence and size.Although there are 64 possible codons or triplet bases in the genetic code, only 20 of them represent amino acids.There are also 3 stop codons, which indicate that ribosomes should cease protein generation by translation.However, the structure and function of ribosomes is largely similar across all species.t RNA is the smallest of the 3 types of RNA, possessing around 75-95 nucleotides.RNase P is composed of both RNA and protein; however, the RNA moiety alone is the catalyst. She always had a keen interest in medical and health science.This type of RNA has two strands bound together, as with double stranded DNA. As part of her masters degree, she specialized in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on Microbiology, Physiology, Biotechnology, and Nutrition.


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