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In an alcohol summit held in Boulder Colorado, Boulder County Sheriff George Epp said "There's a general belief that immature people are less likely to handle the effects of alcohol, so our Congress has chosen to set an arbitrary limit (at age 21).We all know some people under 21 who can drink responsibly, and some At 18, people are considered adults. Prohibiting the sale of liquor to young adults creates an atmosphere where binge drinking and alcohol abuse have become a problem.These ages varies from one country to another and sometimes within a country.

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It is the opinion of many people whose sites I visited that if it is legal for 18 year olds to drive cars, fly planes, vote, marry, pay taxes, take out loans and risk their lives in the armed forces then it should be legal for them to drink alcohol. Banning drinking for young people makes alcohol a tantalizing forbidden fruit. It is viewed as an adult activity; and teenagers want to be adults as soon as possible.

In order to get a drink, teenagers will carry fake I.

found that among high school students, 33% drank alcohol and 18% binge drank during the past 30 days.

In 2015, the Monitoring the Future Survey reported that 10% of 8th graders and 35% of 12th graders drank alcohol during the past 30 days, and 5% of 8th graders and 17% of 12th graders binge drank during the past 2 weeks.

In many countries there is no legislation specifying any drinking age.

These include: Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Comoros, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Macau, Malaysia, Montenegro, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, the Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Togo, Uruguay and Vietnam.Many countries focus their legislation only on the legal age when a person can buy alcohol and do not specify a minimum age for consumption.The United Kingdom is the only country that legislates a minimum consumption age in the home, where children as young as five years old can consume alcohol with parental consent.Furthermore, when the opportunity to drink arises, there is a kind of "Let's make up for lost time" attitude. American teenagers, unlike European teens, do not learn how to drink gradually, safely and in moderation. Many countries set a minimum age at which drinking and purchasing alcoholic beverages is legal.In seven countries, drinking and purchasing alcohol is illegal: Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Iran and Pakistan.In Pakistan foreigners aged 21 and above are allowed to consume and purchase alcoholic beverages.In Iran, religious minorities may purchase small amounts of alcohol from shops owned by the same religious minority.In Gabon, Gambia and Sudan, alcohol consumption is illegal only for Muslims.In the bulk of the countries there are no special exceptions.Among them, 18 countries have set the minimum drinking age at 18.


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