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The American government has had a history of aggressively regulating alcohol consumption.In the 1920s, religious groups spearheaded the Prohibition movement, and even after the Depression, people couldn't get a drink when they needed it most.Although it is difficult to grasp the idea that drunk driving rates will decline as a result of lowering the drinking age, this is proven to be true.

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Works Cited “15 reasons Why Drinking Age Should be 18.” This opinion is based upon reaserch that I have been involved in for over twenty years of its taboo allure, which can make rebellious teenagers sneak off to basements and backwoods to binge drink far from adult supervision” (Griggs). Studies show these developing minds are just not ready to take on such levels of responsibility.I believe there would be a decrease in unsupervised drinking and less fatalities. In the article “Top 3 Reasons Why the Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered to 18” by Matt Nagin. Nagin says one of the reasons why the drinking age should not be lowered is because. Despite claims to the contrary, alcohol is a May 2014, from The Centry Council: Engs, R. Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered: An Opinion Based On Research. However, is this a good reason to lower the drinking age?People’s actions should conform to the law, as the purpose of laws is to maintain order in society.Three out of every ten American teenagers will be involved in an alcohol-related crash which is often fatal, as concluded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.How are you sure that one of those three teenagers will not be you?I should be old enough to buy a beer English 102-07 Research Documented Essay #1 Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered?America has the highest drinking age in the world, which resulted in unsupervised underage drinking becoming an epidemic.


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