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Use a large image and it will display full-screen, with the title of your post or page layered on top.

What is your general topic or what problem area are you interested in? What central question are you trying to answer about your topic?

The block context includes a block navigational system, which is used to access child and parent blocks within nested blocks, and also has controls for each individual block, giving you more power over every aspect of your content, and how it appears on the page.

Each block has inline controls to align and block type, which appears when you hover over type, and there is also a context menu allowing you to edit as HTML, duplicate or even share blocks so that they can also be used in other pages and posts on your site. In Word Press 5.0, Gutenberg acts as a block editor, however, the bigger plan is to expand this block concept from the editor to the customizer, and eventually to the whole view.

Word Press allows you to add blockquotes within your posts and pages by using the toolbar area in your write section.

This will add a little HTML in your post that we can use to customize the styling.Personalize your site by uploading a Custom Header.On posts and pages, your Featured Images, if set, will replace your header image.Gutenberg gives us the ability to reorganize content without having to cut and paste, moving it to a different spot within your text, or on your page or post.You can also drag images and other media content around, aligning left, right or centre.For example, are you suggesting that one idea causes another? There’s are big, beautiful changes ahead with the introduction of the upcoming Word Press version 5.0!Project Gutenberg, the block editing experience named for Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, is coming of age.Gutenberg the beta program is wrapping up, and the Word Press Block Editor is here with Word Press 5.0.This is why newspapers and main stream media sites customize their blockquote style to make it stand out.In this article, we will show you how to customize blockquotes style in Word Press along with showing you 9 beautiful examples of customized blockquotes style.


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