Drugs On Society Essay

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The perception that drug use is associated with crime has reigned not only among sociology researchers but it has also been perpetuated by the media.

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Whereas this is an aspect of drug use leading to crime, Carnwath & Smith (2002) report that already formed criminals also tend to go for drugs such as heroin thus ruling out drug use as the absolute cause factor for criminal behaviour.

Even in cases where alcohol is well known to cause violence as cited by Winlow and Hall (2006), this relationship is weak since most alcohol users view that violence is an inevitable part of drinking and is its done as “part of the show” (p. In conclusion, it is not easy to absolutely say that drug use leads to crime. This essay on The Relationship between Drugs and Crime was written and submitted by user Joe W. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

This paper critically examines the views that criminalisation of drug use leads to greater social problems and harms to individuals.

The central viewpoint is that it is not an absolute truth that drug use is not an obvious cause of crime.

Drug addiction has become a worldwide problem, especially in teenagers.

Many young people become dependent on different types substances and stimulating medicines that comes hand-in-hand with narcotic effect.

The life of addicts becomes spoiled in all aspects, as they lose contact with their family and live in a different world.

They spend lots of money on drugs, and then look for ways to earn money illegally.

If we compare the health problems, there are many dangerous effects of drugs.

The most disturbing thing about drug addiction is that people in different countries of the world are becoming addicted to all kinds of drugs.


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