Dubliners Theme Essay

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However, the effects of heavy drinking catch up with him later in the evening, when he is out of money but is not drunk enough to forget his problems.

The Theme of Escape in James Joyce’s Dubliners In James Joyce’s Dubliners, the theme of escape tends to be a trend when characters are faced with critical decisions.

Perhaps as a result of Joyce’s own concern and questions about love, many Stephen Dedalus, as a largely autobiographical figure for Joyce, has trouble with the definition of love.

His friend Cranly asks him if he has ever felt love, and Stephen remarks that he "tried to love God" although he thinks that he had failed.

They clearly represent Joyce’s views on people’s discontent with Ireland. This illustrates the theme of escape by showing her dissatisfaction with her life in Ireland. Eveline is compelled by her responsibility of taking care of her father.

In the story “Eveline”, Joyce’s main character Eveline has ambitions to escaper her life in Ireland. She is reluctant due to a promise made to her mother to stay and take care of her family. In this story, the main antagonist is her father who is a shameful parent.If he cannot achieve this basic form of love, it is difficult to move on to the other forms (Lockett). His confusion about agape has halted his spiritual growth.Bloom’s agape is a bit more developed, he feeds the birds and later helps a blind man to cross the street.The clearest example of this theme is in "Counterparts," where the main character, Farrington, can think of nothing other than how to get drunk.He jeopardizes his career and spends all his money on alcohol, briefly feeling like an important man while telling stories to his friends in the bar.In the story “Counterparts”, the main character Farrington is irresponsibly leading his life to disaster.Farrington is a careless employee who neglects his work and disrespectful towards his supervisors. Alleyne began a tirade of abuse, saying that two letters were missing” (86,87).For the most part, men are brought down by their addiction to alcohol or their inability to control themselves when they are drunk.The effect on family members, particularly wives who suffer physical abuse at the hands of their drunken husbands, is a common element to many stories.Joyce’s novel presents a bleak and dark view of Ireland; his intentions by writing this novel are to illustrate people’s reasons to flee Ireland.In the stories “Eveline, “Counterparts”, and the “Dead”, characters are faced with autonomous decisions that shape their lives.


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