Elements Of Design Essay

In summary, Lines, as illustrated by the various types; the “C” and “S curves”, the implied lines, the thick, broken and thin lines, and their direction are an important element to consider and include in your photography. In the photo above, a displaying peacock, and it can also be viewed as many circles and a triangle!Shapes, the second element, are a contained space and can be organic or geometric. Shapes are two dimensional while forms are three dimensional. Triangles, rectangles, and squares are found in a yacht’s masts moored in Cobourg’s harbour.On a canal in Venice, a gentle architectural “C” curve and its reflection.

Lines, just like colour, can also have an emotional impact as well. In the above photograph, the clothes’ lines take your eyes across the image.

These lines, because of their length, have importance. They are usually from the bottom of the photograph. In this photograph they take you into the heart of it and into the mysterious fog.

The smooth curves of the human body offer pleasing lines and a sensual quality.

While walking along a back street in Venice, in the above photo, the many curving lines captured my eye along with a triangular like shape in the bottom right corner.

Another type of line to keep in mind are the ones that cross a gap.

They are called Implied Lines and they take your eye across that gap, often into the subject.

Lines can be thick, showing stability, while thin lines often suggest fragility or they can be soft and shallow, suggesting comfort, or relaxation. In the photo below, steep curving lines on the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, Ontario show high energy and suggest turbulence.

In mountainous or hilly country look for the contour lines.

The golf course provides a great colour contrast between the green grass, the black hardened lava and the painted lines of the road. They lead your eyes through the photo, and can, in some photos, suggest movement. We like them because they are peaceful and at rest. Using a slow shutter speed, I was able to capture the horizontal lines in this red boat in Venice. Here in Newfoundland, the horizontal lines of the Gros Morne mountains and their reflection offer a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

Under a pedestrian bridge in Venice, we have dynamic lines. In the photograph below, the vertical lines of a church ceiling give a feeling of height.


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