Energy Management System Thesis

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This additional simulation was necessary given that photovoltaic panels are characterized by an optimization point which provides maximum power.

This point generally varies according to the ambient environmental conditions.

In order to simulate the operation of the photovoltaic cell, the single-diode model with ideal junction was used, as suggested by Eq.

(1), which avoids complex calculations and leads to increasing the simulator running speed without introducing significant errors to the overall purpose of the microgrid simulator.

The special operating conditions of the power systems require new solutions in order to ensure the continuity of the power supply.

Therefore, the chapter proposes and analyzes the integration of renewable energy sources (RESs) (photovoltaic panels and wind turbines) into a mixed microgrid by using the Lab VIEW software.

Furthermore, the chapter leads to the microgrids development in terms of operation and efficiency by achieving an Energy Management System designed for a small mixed microgrid with separate AC and DC rings bidirectionally interconnected by static converters.

For the last couple of years, a new solution suitable to local energy distribution within existing power systems has been proposed and developed: microgrids [1].

Integration of distributed generation units and other users within the low and medium voltage distribution grid induces a variety of problems related to the management and control of microgrids.

These aspects can be solved by using significantly different Energy Management Systems for the operation of microgrids, comparing to those applied to conventional power systems.


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