Engineering Problems To Solve

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In the second video, the same type of car ran into the same type of truck.The challenge pit these students against five other teams at the second annual Broadcom MASTERS competition. But that project would count for only one-quarter of each contestant’s score here at the finals. As the team pondered its options, some plastic wrap burst with a satisfying sound.The five expectantly peered inside: The egg had survived!Among the many problems that engineers tackle, protecting eggs is one that most consider pretty much solved.To help the Broadcom MASTERS finalists understand how apparently similar crashes could turn out so differently, the Insurance Institute provided detailed measurements from the collisions it had conducted.The finalists then used these data to understand some critical differences.For the second drop, the White Team had to release its egg from a height of about 6 feet (1.8 meters).Chase climbed onto a chair, held out the egg and let go. The Broadcom finals challenged the competitors to think of the egg drop as analogous, or similar, to a car crash.For instance, in the second crash, the car was traveling 10 miles (16 kilometers) an hour faster.Using this information, the students calculated how much harder the car struck the truck in the second crash.


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