English As A Global Language Essay Topics

English As A Global Language Essay Topics-2
Many people believe during the time by knowing English, their culture and belief gradually would be change, English bring a power to them.Although others believe by knowing English they can access to information, because today many scientific materials such as books or internet are in English.

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There are 3 parts in the world that English spoken in them.

1- England , USA, Canada, New Zealand 2- South Africa There is a different view among people in learning English.

Globalization, which includes these meanings, is the process in which interrelation and interdependence of the world increases, specially in the last two decades.

Technological improvements made easy for people to communicate better, for instance through internet they can communicate, travel and do international businesses easily.

The style of living, eating, shopping among people of different cultures are in the same way.

Mc Donald’s restaurants around the world are an example of these similarities.

Occasionally those people who speak English in a localized context are ostracized by others.

They have a negative view about English and English speakers; this view is coming from the policy and culture of the government which spread it among people.

One out of five of the world’s population speaks English.

The number of people who speak English as a second or foreign language will exceed the number of native speakers.


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