Epenthesis Insertion

When vowel intrusion occurs between two consonants, the two consonant gestures are still coordinated with each other.

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The backness of harmonizing vowels in Turkish is determined by rightward spreading from the nearest vowel in the root.

The nearest root vowel also determines the roundness of high harmonizing vowels.

The inserted vowel in illegal coda clusters forms the nucleus of a syllable and allows the final consonant to be syllabified as a simple coda.

Turkish stress placement is generally word-final, and like underlying vowels, inserted vowels in coda clusters receive stress when they occur in the final syllable.

The inserted high vowel (in italics in [1]) appears in the bare form of the word, or when the root is followed by a consonant-initial suffix.

It is absent when the consonant cluster is followed by a vowel-initial suffix, such as in the accusative case.But if vowel occurs, then the two final consonants are still part of the same syllable, and in some sense CVCC syllables are permitted.Finally, since intrusive vowels do not form syllable nuclei, they also cannot be targets for stress assignment.Like the accusative suffix, the inserted vowels in the nominative forms take their backness and rounding from the adjacent root vowel, which indicates that they are targets for vowel harmony.Since the Turkish coda-repairing vowel participates in syllabification, stress-assignment, and vowel harmony, it has to be a phonological object.Hall () uses phonological evidence to argue for the intrusive status of inserted ‘copy vowels’ that repair sonorant-obstruent codas in Scottish Gaelic—they are invisible to syllable-counting in poetry, for example.Similar arguments suggest a gestural-timing origin for Dorsey’s Law vowels in Hocank (Winnebago) ( schematize the gestural sequences in an underlying /Cr V/ word that is pronounced as [CVr V].Thus, it must be epenthetic—a segment inserted during phonology, and mapped to a gesture during articulation.However, an added vowel sound at the surface does not always correspond to an inserted phonological segment with an accompanying gesture.Phonologically, intrusive vowels have no corresponding segment, so they cannot participate in phonological processes that target segments, such as vowel harmony and syllabification.Because intrusion does not result in a new vocalic segment, it does not alter syllable structure, and cannot be taken as repair of illegal syllable structures.


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