Erik Erikson Stages Psychosocial Development Essay

Erik Erikson Stages Psychosocial Development Essay-39
Only if we have learned from the previous crisis we are successful.

Because his beliefs differed from the beliefs of Freud, Erikson quickly began to work on his own.

Erickson has focused on many different eras of psychological development.

Ego identity is said to be one of the many things Erickson has focused on.

He believed that through social interaction we gain mindful sense of ourselves, which can be commonly referred to as Ego identity.

Mistrust is born if the child is led to believe that his/her guardian can’t meet their basic needs. Favorable ratio has to be developed as previously stated, simply meaning that the majority of the...

research; some well-known works include Childhood and Society and The Life Cycle Completed.The main idea of Erickson’s developmental theories was that we all at some point in life go through 8 developmental crises of stages.Because the theories focus on development, there is no way to avoid these stages, they are a part of our natural development. If you want to be prepared for the next crisis a solution must be found for the previous crisis . From the beginning of time up until 18 months a sense of security has to be gained. Infants have to be able to trust their guardians when unseen without going through intense uneasiness or animosity.Although, Freud referred to the ego as the match over the necessities of the identity and superego, Erickson saw the ego as our way of our self-esteem.The way Erickson describes ego is the way we commonly use it in conversation.This is known as the favorable ratio, which is developing more adaptive than maladaptive behaviors. Many parents don’t realize just how much nurturing and caring for your child is important.Trust in the world has to be gained by the child; they need to know that everything will be taken care of.Each stage will come to us whether or not we’re ready for them or not.You can think of the stages as learning stages where crisis occur .He believed these two forces "push[ed] humans everywhere through…[a set of] eight There are eight stages of psychosocial development, according to Erik Erikson. In this stage, infants depend on others for food and warmth; therefore, infants must be able to trust the parent for providing those. Erikson has identified eight stages of psychosocial development that each person goes through during their entire life span.Erikson’s first stage is infancy, which approximates from birth to one year old. If the infants’ needs are properly cared by the parent, infants will not only develop trust and security , activities, and materials included in instruction programs must be definitely in consistent with each stage of development in order to result in success in personality and education life. In Erikson's theory, the stages of development process unfold as we go through life.


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