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Essay About Dr Br Ambedkar-28
Ambedkar Janmotsav Samiti celebrated the birth anniversary of Dr. This year it also included floats from different villages which showed their unique culture.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and his contributions for the people of India.

It would be 127th birthday anniversary celebration in the year 2018 to commemorate his memories.

He was the great human rights activists who born on 14 He had established the “Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha” in the year 1923 in India aiming to spread the necessity of education as well as enhancing the economic status of the low group people of India.

He run a social movement for people using slogan “Educate-Agitate-Organize” aiming to eradicate the casteism in India as well as rebuilding the Indian Society by following the rule of equality of human beings.

Ambedkar’s statues were garlanded and people vowed to follow the teachings professed by him.

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated every year by the people with great enthusiasm more than like a festival on 14 of April in order to commemorate the birthday of Dr.

At many places, free health check up camps are also organized in order to provide free of charge check up and medicines to the poor group people.

He worked to eliminate the social belief of untouchability for the lower group of people.

They organize variety of events like painting, general knowledge quiz competition, debate, dance, essay writing, symposium, sports competition and drama to which many people participate including students from nearby schools.

In order to celebrate this occasion, a big seminar is organized yearly by the Bhartiya Journalists Welfare Association, Lucknow.


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