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The absence of a common enemy, you might say, makes room for internal dissent.So it seems no more than reasonable that the same year that witnessed the demise of what appeared to be a major threat to the United States should witness the escalation of a fiery internal controversy that has left none of us untouched.Who has not watched as "Firing Line," "Nightline,' "Mc Neil-Lehrer" and other television programs have each in turn provided a forum for debate?

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It aims to prevent fragmentation and disintegration of something variously called identity or common cultural ground or cultural unity.

As Rosenthal put it, the question is "whether this country is to be etched indelibly in the minds of young Americans simply as a strange collection of races and ethnic groups without real identity or purpose in common, or as a great creative action of nationhood in which the building of one became the purpose of many."10 And in the words of George Will, the forces of multiculturalism "are fighting against the conservation of the common culture that is the nation's social cement."11 At the core of protest, then, is the central importance of cultural unity.

The United States organized an international coalition to fight and win a war in the Persian Gulf.

Apartheid in South Africa is in the process of crumbling. Communism is shattered; the evil empire of the Soviet Union has disintegrated. At this speaking, Arabs are sitting down with Israelis.

And we are engaged in a bitter debate over multiculturalism. Unemployment insurance, sexual harassment, national health care, abortion rights, family leave, civil rights, and a newly virulent conservatism are all burning issues of the moment.

None of them has occupied our daily thoughts more than issues of multiculturalism.

For the purposes of this argument, I want to separate that central issue from arguments about political correctness.

Opponents of multiculturalism often argue that codes of conduct and attempts at curricular reform designed to promote tolerance, in practice, inhibit our capacity to speak our minds.


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