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[Read More] References Bender, David, "Arthur Miller," San Diego CA: Greenhaven Press 1997, 5-6 Corrigan, Robert, "A Collection of Critical Esays" Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice hall, 1969 98-107 Miller, Arthur "Death of a salesman" New York, Penguins 1949, 10-13 Magil, Frank "Death of a Salesman: Master plots" Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem, 1976. Linda's comment, "We're free" (Miller 1054) seems to encapsulate the family's struggles and inner turmoil. The play is set up in the 1940s era when men in America were determined to be successful, not only in the pursuit of provisioning for their families, but also in living a life where they could indulge in luxury.

When he brought them business, when he was young, they were glad to see him. He tells Willy that this is no time for false pride and that he should……

Death of a Salesman Linda: Are they any worse than his sons? And then when you feel better, come back, and we'll see if we can work something out.

Howard keeps telling him there's no opening for floor sales, and then finally tells him the truth: the company is going to let Willy go.

But he tells Howard he's tired, and he wants to work in the store instead of on the road.

This causes clash between the two as Willy still believes that Biff will amount to something and Biff finally confronts his father about his low station in life and the fact that the two of them will always be nobodys. [Read More] References Bissessar Kevin "A Professor's Lecture on Death of a Salesman" Jun 19, 1997 accessed on 17-March-2003 at Susan "Understanding Death of a Salesman: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents," Greenwood Press, 1999 Phelps, Heldref Miller's Death of a Salesman, Journal article, H. Now he takes his valises out of the car and puts them back and takes them out again and he's exhausted. He drives seven hundred miles, and when he gets there no one knows him anymore, no one welcomes him. When he has to go to Charley and borrow fifty dollars…… Miller however indicates that this success is decidedly uncertain; pointing out the wishful fantasy that has completely overridden illy's ability to handle reality. illy has created very powerful ideas about what he wants his life to be and what he wants his sons lives to be. [Read More] Works Cited Bloom, Harold, and Benjamin Nelson. Even with the fact that Loman attempts to resolve things, he is unable to see the full picture and he is thus stuck in a position that provides him with very little advantages when compared to the state that he is previously in. In a flashback sequence, Linda complains that mothers have informed her that they are worried that Biff is rough with girls; Happy has slept with a number of the girlfriends and fiancees of the superiors at his place of employment.

Willy developed the theory that if a person is well liked and is very good looking then doors, i.e. C Publications, 1995 Willy's "psychopathy," he explained, is a manifestation of his being "other-directed" -- or possessing a value system entirely determined by external norms…evidence that goes beyond normal human inconsistency into the realm of severe internal division" (3). And what goes through a man's mind, driving seven hundred miles home without having earned a cent? [Read More] Death of a Salesman In all of twentieth-century American drama, it is Arthur Miller's 1949 masterwork Death of a Salesman that has been lauded as the best American play. Throughout the play, this juxtaposition of fantasy and reality serves as symbol of illy's inner turmoil. But these ideas are part of what make illy who he is. "Benjamin Nelson on Miller's use of dramatic form." Bloom's Guides: Death of a Salesman. The detachment symptom occurs when Loman is both inclined to go through with the plan that he devised across his life and to change everything about himself in order to provide his family with a better authoritarian figure. He does so not because he is in love with these women but as a passive-aggressive way of getting back at the people who tell him what to do on a daily basis at work. [Read More] drama is tragic not only because of Willy Loman's suicide, but because he has left his family with nothing, and his sons with no hopes and abilities of their own.

Unlike illy, Ben seemed to care less for the opinion of others.

Discuss the scene between illy and Ben, consider what advice illy is asking of Ben, note Bens reply "let me think about it." hat might miller be suggesting by it? Ben profits from diamond mines, while illy dies an unremarkable salesman, valuable, illy thinks, only for his life insurance policy.

hile we do not operate in a world of nobility, we still have persons of great respect that speak for our groups and cultures. The perception of Willy on Beff's job is evident when he speaks about Biff's recent job as a farm hand with disdain. Even wishing eventually to start his own business, illy Loman is a startling figure insofar as his decline does not occur without a background of optimism and forward momentum. Howard, the man at his company who fires Willy, represents the cruel and unfeeling nature of the capitalist system Willy buys into for most of his life.

The modern argument wants to redefine Aristotle's definition but by doing so, it assumes that we are all only capable of the common life that illy experienced. He demeans the job without caring that it was a means where he would make an honest living. This is the crux of Miller's point though, that there is an illusory nature to the expectations of the American Dream. In Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman, the Lowman family finds it quite difficult to decode and differentiate between the real and illusion.


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