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The most significant themes Shakespeare develops over the course of the play are fate, hatred and violence, and love.To begin with, fate plays a valuable role in Romeo and Juliet’s lives as well as in their deaths.

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When they bit their thumb in the Shakespearian time, it was considered a rude gesture.

This incident sparked a fight, in which another from each side joined, and fought.

Romeo & his friends went as gatecrashers to the party, and there he saw Juliet, she is what I like to call, his "forbidden love".

Their parents want all of the children, relatives, and servants to display hatred towards the other families.

It is no surprise, therefore, that when Capulet determines Juliet must marry Paris, the women in the play shrink, with one exception.

Poets and lovers contend that time passes differently for those who are in love.Fate is demonstrated when Romeo never receives Friar Laurence’s letter.Friar Laurence is frustrated because he tries to warn Romeo that Juliet is not dead, “Meantime I writ to Romeo, That he should not hither come as this dire night, To help to take her from her borrow’d grave, Being the time the potion’s force should cease.“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life” (Prologue Act I Line 6).The themes of Romeo and Juliet uncovers through the relationship of the main characters in the play.Between the two families, there was a lot of hostility, in which most of the people involved really didn't have to be.The Capulets later on held a party, in which everyone but Montagues were invited.Juliet’s passionate love for Romeo is announced the second time she sees him in Shakespeare’s famous balcony scene.Juliet expresses her love for Romeo while saying to herself, “O Romeo, Romeo! Deny thy father and refuse they name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” (Act II Scene II Line 33-36).In Act 1, Scene 1, two of the Capulet's servants are in the streets of Verona, and two of the Montague servants come along.Sampson, a Capulet Servant, bites his thumb at Abram, a Montague Servant.


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