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We have known each other for years, making this diverse group one of the closest crowds I have ever encountered.Being a part of this group has allowed me to be friendly with anyone I meet and has opened my eyes to the true meaning of community.

We have known each other for years, making this diverse group one of the closest crowds I have ever encountered.Being a part of this group has allowed me to be friendly with anyone I meet and has opened my eyes to the true meaning of community.

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Unlike my soccer team and other activities I didn’t know anyone in SGC. One day however I spontaneously decided that I wanted to audition for the Seattle Girls’ Choir. I sang my song and was told to my delight that I had met the requirements and would be placed in Vivissimi.

My mom and I drove down one Saturday in May to Trinity Lutheran. To calm my nerves my mom and I played ping pong in the basement until Celia Castle came downstairs clip board in hand and declared that it was my turn. That audition was one of the best things that I have ever done.

Having begun in this organization when I was six, I have been raised with our core values of elegance and artistry which have undoubtedly carried over into every aspect of my life.

Early on, I was taught self-discipline and time management, skills that have allowed me to push myself in every class I take in school.

Most of all, I have been amazed at the acceptance found in this community.

We all come from different schools, backgrounds, and social groups, but despite all this, we gather two times each week to make music.

I began my career at SGC when I was eight years old in Vivissimi with Ms. After singing in school for three years my mom asked if I would want to join a private group.

At first the idea of trying something completely new intimidated me and I pretended to be uninterested.

Even if we do not always agree with one another, the hours we have spent rehearsing have allowed us the understand one another.

We have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore have learned how to help each other grow in confidence, musicianship, and style.


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