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Stress can result in psychological, physiological, and sociological effects.

By definition, stress is any uncomfortable "emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes.”(Baum 1990) There are three levels of stress; acute, episodic, and chronic....

Whether they knew it or not this is a symptom of suffering from stress.

Throughout this paper I will be discussing stress factors, types of stress, stress disorders and ultimately how to cope with stress.

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A trauma could be a physical or sexual assault, which causes stress and feelings of insecurity for a long period of time.

- Everyone has felt the weight of the world coming down on them at some point in their life.

I took all 3 of the surveys about stress because I felt I wanted to completely understand how much I am stressed and how I respond to stress.

Before I took the test I thought I was going to be way more stressed than normal because it felt like it.


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