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During those early seasons, the show's creators penned compelling tales about how a performance review session can cause part of the soul to die, and maximized the humor and storytelling of every frame and well-timed reaction shot.So even though its later seasons never lived up to its groundbreaking early explorations of contemporary work culture, what The Office leaves us with are memories of television comedy at its best.

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"You're fired." Oh, "you're fired." He just makes people sad. The Office: The atmosphere, created by society or the media?

"You're fired." I think if I had a catchphrase it would be "you're hired, and you can work here as long as you want." But that's unrealistic, so.

NBC, in America, started the show in 2005, while Germany’s show called Stromberg, and France’s Le Bureau, have also since started their own segments.

Not only does this suggest that each culture has a different structure of what an office atmosphere entails, but it provides conclusive analysis that each society has different biases that would only be humorous to their own particular environment.

The gambit worked brilliantly, and proved that a weekly television show could be the perfect medium to tell stories about contemporary work culture—for a while.

Set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the sales office of a nearly obsolete paper company, the show's characters at first didn't develop as much as stagnate.

That storyline was refreshing and innovative, but it came too late in the show's lifespan to rescue it.

Hopefully, some other, younger mockumentary (Parks and Rec?

All of which encompass touchy subjects that often make people uncomfortable.

The show has evolved to each culture, starting with Great Britain who aired two seasons in 2002 under BBC.


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