Essay About Transplants Organs

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Similarly, the donor could be unrelated to the patient and could be a spouse or an acquaintance.

In other cases, organs for transplant purposes are received from complete strangers who are people of good will.

Irrespective of the type of a donor for the body part, the donor should have a blood group suited for the patient.

He or she should be of the same blood group as the patient or a universal donor.

The person who donates his body part could be related or unrelated to the patient.

A related person could be a child, a sibling or a parent.

It is important to explore the negative effects of the shortage of organs, and how people can be persuaded to donate their organs after death.

There have been numerous gains made in organ transport technology in recent years, which have increased the number of eligible patients waiting for organs.

A deceased person can donate the above organs and organs, heart, liver and pancreas.

Other body parts that can be donated include tissues such as the skin and bone marrow, and blood and platelets. A person who is about to die because of organ failure is able to get a second chance at life due to the organ transplant.


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