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Here, the traveller finds many precious gems for sale, but the brightest jewel of all is Ceylon itself.Leaving this island I would travel to Bangkok, an Oriental city of many charms.

Flying on to Copenhagen I would eat Danish open-faced sandwiches and be entertained at night clubs in Tivoli Gardens.

Having seen enough cities by this time I would head south to the Italian Riviera.

If a tour of Latin America were still possible, I would want to stop in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.

But by that time my funds would probably have run low. For me there is only one answer: Moscow, the city I will never tire of calling home.

As tourism is a widespread phenomenon now, the topics for a tourism essay can be numerous.

You may write about tourism industry contributes to a country’s economy or to cultural changes in a popular tourist destination.Then, like many other travellers, I would be drawn to Hong Kong, the shopper's paradise.Leaving Asia, I would load my over stuffed suitcase on a plane bound for Acapulco.Nowadays we can experience traditional food of a particular country or countries which is cooked world wide.This is due to people traveling more often and learning how other countries specialize in their cooking traditions.In this Mexican resort, I would swim, sunbathes and eat spicy foods.At this time it would be necessary to count my remaining travellers checks.Travelling gives perspective, helps the traveler to look at things with a different attitude.Comparison from one country to another can be made and a contrast is also developed.All this helps in self discovery and helps in expressing yourself more easily and makes you realize that other countries offer so much more than you can imagine. Our island is limited in size and due to this sports lovers travel far a wider ranger of sports activities held world wide.Skiing holidays are organized several times a year.


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