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A permissive parent never inhibits the child in whatever he or she sets out to perform.Instead, parents do take what appears to be hands off approach and let children learn through the consequences of their actions (Warash, 2007).Failure in parenting, however, should not be in any case solely blamed on specific instances but should be seen as typology of general practices carried out by parents This paper seeks to identify and explain in detail the parenting styles which appear most effective.

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However, we will begin by discussing the different types of parenting styles which are common in the past and currently.

By discussing these styles, it will give us an insight into identifying the most effective parenting style.

If, in any case, the child misbehaves, it is considered as bending the rules and its price is strict punishment.

This type of parenting style gained it dominance since the agrarian revolution with agrarian societies mostly comprising of western histories embracing it fully.

Effective parenting can be equated to a complex puzzle that has burn out experts and, therefore, becoming a topic of brewing debates.

Psychologists dating back to the 1920s have studied the concept of good parenting and the influences it has on children in detail.It was considered effective in the societies which experience little change and accept one way of doing things.For example, a teacher who is considered master (who turned out in most cases to be the parent) gives instructions to the child such as sowing seeds or weeding the fields.The concept of parenting can be perceived by many people as broad and without limits.This is informed by factors such as religious concepts, many differences that exist in different family values within the context of norm, among many other ideals that critically shapes how the parents deal with their children.Success in all spheres of life is deemed as the end product of parenting.The paper will also seek to discuss the skills that parents ought to employ in their day to day parenting roles.Introduction Parents are often left in a dilemma when it comes to the parenting styles they ought to embrace in raising up their children.They are torn between applying the researches that they have carried out on the subject and approaching parenting from the experience of how they were raised as children.Types of parenting styles Authoritative Style Parents who are authoritative attach much value to obedience.Such kinds of parents come up with stringent rules and regulations in which children are obligated to adhere to.


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