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Everyone knows that cheaters never prosper, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

In fact, some students are willing to put in more effort in finding ways to avoid learning than it would ever take them to actually study.

Another great way to cheat is to write your notes on the inside brim of a baseball cap.

When your head is down looking at your desk, your teacher can’t see that your eyeballs are actually faced up towards the ceiling.

But remember: if you don’t normally wear a baseball cap, it will look weird if you start on the day of your test.

Also, anyone sitting next to you will be able to see your notes and nark you out.

For this creative cheating method, you write the answers on your knees or thighs.

Then, when you get stuck, you lift up your skirt to check the answer.

You can write your notes ahead of time on a single sheet of Kleenex and then stuff it in your bag.

When you come into class, sniffle, cough, and sneeze your way to an A.


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