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At the same time, the fan of Hemingway will produce a minimalistic and understated prose.

Thus, if you’re not impressed by your current state of writing, check the list of the books you have been reading recently.

It is the same as the outline for any other kind of paper.

But in your essay, you are free to tell about all your impressions and feelings regarding the literary work.

If you’re a college student, you have definitely read tons of tips and recommendations on how to improve your essay writing skills, but the thing is that most of them used your writing as the starting point. Changing your reading habits is the first step to improving your writing skills!

Even if you are not really inspired by reading, you must know that on some subconscious level its content can influence your writing.For example, if you are going to write about a story that you like, you need not only to check the plot and how it reflects a social condition or something else but analyze every word.For example, what can you tell about the character if he uses official language in an everyday conversation?Or maybe the literary work, or some characters of it, have influenced you in some way? If you know a joke that you could fit in the introduction, do it.If you have an important question that bothers you, ask it. Make sure you don’t mention only linguistics, grammatical and lexical means that the author uses.For instance, if you’re reading a touching story, it may leave a huge impact on your entire mindset in the process of writing.A touching love story could make you glummer and the consequences may be traced in all of your writing drafts. When you are at the cinema watching some horror flick, its atmosphere will be there with you even when you’re at home getting ready for the bed time.This kind of essay is both interesting and challenging.You have an opportunity to show your knowledge and a sharp mind as well as to show your complete negligence of the subject.In other words, if you are willing to try writing in an exceptionally new genre (or you know that you will have to deal with it the next academic year), there is no better way to start that by choosing some classic novel written by one of the Brontës family members of Isaac Asimov. The sooner you understand that and make the most out of it, the better off your essay writing abilities will turn to be!When you get a close reading essay as a writing assignment, you might have mixed feelings.


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