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Still, I must be patient and try telling them in different ways. ” And, “Why don’t you show your hair like so and so?” Now I just look at them and say, “I want to wear a hijab for myself, not for you or anyone else.” Today I am very proud to wear a hijab.Many challenges lie ahead of me, especially as I prepare for college and study to become a pediatric nurse. In 2005, my parents left Laos and went to America for work, but me and my brother didn’t travel with them.

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My mom’s patience and resilience throughout our journey has empow­ered me to act strong for her and my siblings and overcome our obstacles. Then I heard my grand­mother say, “Your father left so the door is open for you … It’s not easy to help support your family while pursuing your own dreams. My mother gathered firewood from the mountains, cooked for her family of seven and did strenuous housework. My mother doesn’t talk about her personal life because she’s a private person.I imagined what my classmates’ reactions would be if I showed up to school without wear-ing my hijab. She said, “I noticed a change in you, and I want you to tell me what’s going on.” I explained to her my frustrations and she developed my understanding of how I could see the situation in a more positive way and how I could help my peers understand my religion and my reasons for wearing a hijab.When I look back at that moment, I notice that no matter how many times you explain the same thing to some people, they may not fully understand. Immigration officials didn’t allow him to say goodbye to me or any of my three siblings. She now had to work three jobs to barely keep up with rent, which meant we rarely saw her. I watched my mom, now a single parent of four kids, with no college education, struggle to provide for my family.I felt guilty and sad knowing I was a person with opportunities unlike kids in Guatemala. Seeing the kids going to work in the corn fields, and seeing how a lot of young women were prostitutes, was a real-ity check.That visit and my parents’ stories made my heart burn. I want to pay back the hard work that my parents put in to raise a family.That awful moment in fourth grade was not how I imagined the conversation to go. I told her that as a Muslim, girls wear the hijab to hide our beauty and the gaze of men, as well as to be modest.I felt frustrated, constantly being asked the same questions by my classmate. We believe our God has commanded us to wear the hijab. One comment that stuck with me for years was, “If you took off your hijab, you would be so much prettier.” I would lock myself in the bathroom, sit on the sink and stare at myself in the mirror. A couple of weeks before my classmate challenged me, my mom pulled me aside.Like many immigrants, they came to America looking for a better, more peaceful life.When we went back that summer I was 13, I felt like both a boy and a man, but also like I was stuck between two worlds.


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