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This concern of the WCC has been manifested in many of its assemblies and studies in the 1980s.

This concern of the WCC has been manifested in many of its assemblies and studies in the 1980s.

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This call was sent out again this year, by the WCC to the UN general assembly and the G20.

Writing to the chairman of the G20, the WCC’s General Secretary said, “we believe it is time, once again, for such a transformation and for economic systems based on values of honesty, social justice and dignity for all..need of the hour is to construct a system in which market forces are checked through ethical regulations and oversight, but also by a framework of common values that sets clear limits to excessive and irresponsible actions based on greed”.

“In Christ there is a future” Hope in the midst of an economic crisis, is an appropriate theme especially at this critical moment of global capitalism.

By choosing to focus on this theme, the UCCSA is demonstrating its prophetic ministry to a world which is now in crisis.

What we witness in the world is that there is a tendency to discourage this from happening in spite of the fact that the current unregulated system has created several crises in the area of food, jobs, and ecology and has further widened the gap between the rich and the poor between and among nations.

In this lecture I will outline the causes of the current crisis though these are inherent in free market capitalism itself.

The signs of the times are indicative of the fact that it is today possible to talk about these radical changes because international opinion and the commitment to cooperation are favourable and there was a spirit of shared responsibility.

However, as we will demonstrate in this lecture, the solutions given by governments regarding the present crisis, thus far, are disappointing.

Let us be your instruments for peace, justice and integrity for creation.

Because yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. At the outset, may I take this opportunity to thank the leadership of UCCSA particularly Rev.


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