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making a living by having an occupation involving prognostication such as tarot card reading, because it is against the teaching of Dhamma (Saydaw, 2008).

It is evident from right livelihood that Buddhism promotes a livelihood that is honest and honorable, and causes no harm to others.

Compared to other religions' way of attaining liberation, the Noble Eightfold path emphasizes human efforts – your efforts – and not an outside agent such as a god.

To practice the Noble Eightfold path, you do not need to have faith because the path lacks any form of worship and prayer activities, and you do not need to believe in rebirth because it is not mentioned in the Noble Eightfold path.

Right effort is the endeavor to (i) prevent defilements from arising in the mind, (ii) to remove defilements that have arisen or prevent defilements that is likely to arise in the future, (iii) bring into existence wholesome states of the mind, and (iv) both develop and keep the existing wholesome states of the mind (Say The fact of impermanence in Buddhism which stresses that the nature is that of an ever-changing wave, asserts that we can affect our future in every moment of life (Harvey, 2007).

Thus, your future is not determined and Buddha will only show you the way to liberation, but you will alone need to make the effort to reach purification because owing to the impermanence there are no permanent gods that can help you to be purified.

Thus, the Noble Eightfold path is highly relevant even for non-believers of god and people who do not believe in rebirth.

The purpose of this essay is to explain the Noble Eightfold path and how it leads to the blissful state.

Through intellectual, moral and spiritual perfection, the Noble Eightfold path leads to happiness, peace and freedom.

It is the path that begins with moral conduct and leads to the realization of the ultimate reality.


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