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Clearly, nobody seeking to understand human origins, any more than any other student of the history of life, can ignore our debt to these two men.As a result, in this bicentennial year when Darwin’s influence in every field of biology is being celebrated, it seems reasonable to look back at his relationship to paleoanthropology, a field that was beginning to take form out of a more generalized antiquarian interest just as Darwin was publishing in 1859. Charles Darwin was curiously unforthcoming on the subject of human evolution as viewed through the fossil record, to the point of being virtually silent.

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Due to this fact, the author of Analysis of Early Hominins, Dennis O’Neil says that the widest part of the skull for the early hominins was below the brain case.

In the case of modern man, this is usually in the temple region.

A more recent theory postulates that the change in behavior in 40 kya did not happen suddenly, but that there was archeological evidence in Africa of modern human behavior at earlier times.

The researchers point out that in Africa, refined stone tools are found at several Middle Stone Age sites; blades appear early in this period, refined bone, tools are found at several sites during this era and that there is some evidence of artwork during this period in Africa.

This is clearly depicted in the way they travel hundreds of kilometers to obtain slightly better quality flint for stone tools. What evidence suggests that Upper Paleolithic peoples were better able to cope with their environments?

In the Upper Paleolithic period, there is also evidence of bone sewing needles. Tools Made from Bones Upper Paleolithic 11: Art and Architecture. The Upper Paleolithic people were able to cope with their environment because by this time, people had settled down and started to live in communities. Hominins are anatomically different from modern human beings.This difference however is more evident in their features above the neck, since their features below the neck are relatively similar.Other things, which, found in Africa during the Middle Stone Age, are that there is evidence of hearths and shelters and refined bone tools found at several sites in this era.It is said that sometimes people transported raw materials through very great distances.3.Some of the differences that are there between the two are: Firstly, hominins had a smaller brain size than that of the modern human being.It is said that their adult brain size was about 1/3 of that of human beings at present.This is different because their counterparts used stone. Another observation is also that tools begin to be made in a different manner than was the case before. Clothing also became a highlight in this era, as people would dress in animal skins sewn with needles made from bones.Art and religion also came up during these people’s time.


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