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Golding very carefully and cleverly used children as characters portraying the human race.Traditionally, children are seen as immature and dismissible; they are commonly seen as almost less than human because of their underdeveloped physique and mental capacity.

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Writing a synthesis essay on Lord of the Flies gives you a chance to have a closer look at the novel, analyze it from different perspectives, and generalize your ideas.

Here are some tips that will help you create a great paper.

And in one fatal swoop, Jack crushes civilization by reducing the children to animals, driven blindly by desire.

It is in these blind frenzies that desire overpowers them; when Simon bursts from the underbrush with a message from the beast, the circle of boys, moving as an organism, engulfs and kills him.

Like in most democracies, with a majority also comes a minority; minorities are necessary to keep the majority in check by a natural form of competition.

Most were content with Ralph's leadership, but Jack despised him for it.Don’t start writing once you gathered all the information.You need to arrange your material into an outline that will serve as a roadmap for your writing.William Golding wrote of his novel "Lord of the Flies" that the theme was an attempt to explore how the defects society are based largely on human nature rather than the structure of civilization.Golding used "Lord of the Flies" to allegorically explain that the architecture of a society depends on the morality of the individual rather than a social or political construction, regardless of its inherent merit or esteem.While traditionalists may see it as a poor example, He established a crude democracy, where everyone had a vote for their leader.This election by majority ensured that more than fifty percent of the boys would grant governance to Ralph, and they were willing to concede some of their freedom for the sake of the group.Your thesis is a sentence that reflects the topic and presents your main point or purpose.Write it down on a sheet of paper and have it at hand.Look at it from time to time while researching your topic in order not to deviate from the specific direction.You’ll need to present your points of view and support them with the relevant information taken from different sources.


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