Essay For And Against Wearing Uniforms At School

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A few years ago, the administration of Christ's Hospital conducted a survey among its students to find out whether they want to abandon the special clothing.95% of polled young people spoke in favor of preserving the tradition.

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Initially, Blue Coat School did not have its own uniform. The costume included a blue coat in a Tudor style, a white collar and yellow knee socks. Now the Blue Coat School uniform includes a blue blazer with a school badge, a white shirt, a tie, a school coat with a gray V-neck pullover, gray pants for boys and a skirt for girls, gray socks or pantyhose, black shoes.

In Britain, there are other old schools in which the uniform does not change for centuries.

After 11 years, a new magnificent building was created for it, which now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The institution was relocated at the beginning of the XX century.

In 1984, the city council of Liverpool tried to stop funding Blue Coat School, but the city's residents organized a large-scale campaign and managed to defend it.

For example, the students of Harrow continue to wear straw hats.

The rules are more indulgent in our time: this hat can be not worn on especially windy days.

The costume is issued to young people free of charge.

Approximately, 200 years ago, innovation was introduced: buttons on the coat were decorated with a portrait of the founder, King Edward VI.

In Liverpool, there is an old educational institution which got its name in honor of the special garment - Blue Coat School.

It was founded in 1708 for orphans and poor children.


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